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College Planning Timeline

Freshman Year
  • Take the most challenging course of study available
  • Join clubs and activities in your area of interest
  • Build relationships with peers, teacher, conselors, activity moderators, and employers
  • Select a service area to be part of
  • Check out the standardized testing policies/opportunities at your school
  • Develop good study habits
  • Job shadow or participate in career day, if possible
  • Take the ASPIRE
  • Begin constructing a resume
  • Discuss post high school plans with counselor and parent/guardians
  • Begin to discuss college costs with parents/guardians
Sophomore Year
  • Take the most challenging course of study available
  • Begin to look for leadership roles in clubs/activities
  • Continue development of service activity
  • Strengthen relationships with peers, teachers, counselors, activity moderators, and employers - they will be writing recommendations for you down the road!
  • Testing
    • Check out policies/opportunities at your school
    • Take the ASPIRE
    • Take the PSAT
  • Go to college fairs
  • Continue working on study habits and note-taking skills
  • Job shadow or participate in career day, if possible
  • Refine/Revise/Update your resume. Keep it simple!
  • Continue discussing post high school plans with counselor and parent/guardians
  • Review cost factors for college and investigate options
Junior Year
  • Take the most challenging academic program available
  • Demonstrate leadership and responsibility in community and school
  • Begin a list of colleges
  • Gather career information - job shadow or see if your school offers a career day
  • Make the most our of your part time job
  • Talk with college reps and ask them questions
  • Attend evening infomraiton sessions about college that occur in your area
  • Go to college fairs
  • Discuss testing plans with your counselor
  • Register, prepare for, and take the PSAT/NMSQT
  • Check out free scholarship searches
  • Make college visits if your high school permits them
  • Begin to consider which teachers, moderators, or employers you might use if you need recommendations
  • Continue talking with your parents/guardians and your counselor about your plans


  • Request information from colleges
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT
  • Research scholarship opportunities
  • Continue discussing college finances with parents/guardians


  • Take ACT and/or SAT
  • Attend college fairs
  • Athletes - sign up with NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Athletes - get NCAA Guide
  • Look for summer job opportunities


  • Take ACT or SAT
  • Update resume
  • Save summer earnings for college
  • Request private scholarship applications
Senior Year


  • Talk with counselor/parents
  • Visit college representatives at your school
  • Request college info (including financial aid/housing)
  • Begin to file rolling admission/regualr decision apps
  • Keep copies of apps and forms sent to colleges
  • Write essays/line up recommendations
  • Send test scores and transcripts to colleges
  • Keep check list - MEET DEADLINES!


  • Finish early decision applications
  • Take the ACT


  • Take SAT (if necessary)
  • Get FAFSA form - from counselor, college, or online


  • Take ACT
  • Receive Early Admission/Early Decision decisions
  • Finish Regular Decision and Rolling Admission applications


  • Send mid-year reports, if necessary
  • Rank schools where you've applied for preference
  • Get all financial documents in order
  • Complete FAFSA before February 1, if possible
  • Attend locak financial aid infomraiton night, if available


  • Keep grades up - it matters!!
  • Review SAR (Student Aid Report) carefully
  • Review financial aid packages


  • Visit schools where accepted, if needed
  • Make final decision - mail deposit to ONE school
  • Notify, in writing, all schools of your choice
  • If wait listed, contact admissions office if still interested
  • Contact financial aid office if you have any special financial aid circumstances
  • Make sure you meet all financial aid requirements
  • Notify colleges of any private scholarship awards


  • Request final transcript to be sent to college
  • Follow procedure for college housing and oientation
  • Analyze projected first year college budget
"The mission of the North Nodaway R-VI School District is to provide a challenging curriculum in a positive learning environment, which prepares individuals to become productive citizens and life-long learners."